MADDOG and CZEKO 2018!

12. říjen 2018

Wauuuuuu! What a sparkling experience!

MADDOG and CZEKO 2018!MADDOG and CZEKO 2018!

The time has come! I was official baptized during the traditional Czech national convention, taking this year place in the city of Pilsen, the world beer capitel. Anyway, the baptizing drink was Czech sparkling wine :)

I had the pleasure to be baptized at the vernissage of Tomas Rusnak, a JCI member and artist.

And the cherry on the cake? My dearest godmother! A special leader, great and attentive friend, successful manager and Bavaria JCI President 2019, Marlen Wehner!

After the baptism ceremony, one of my brothers was auctioned. He was the one and only being signed by the one and only World JCI president 2018 Marc Brian Lim and all further 5 world presidents! And the winner is . Martin Jrovec, National President JCI Czech Republic 2013.