JCI MADDOG - training sessions and workshops

8. červen 2020

Since its birth MADDOG has held several training sessions and workshops - last year for example at our National Convention Czeko 2019 and this year MADDOG visited JCI Prague and also ran one training at home in JCI Pilsen on Self-Leadership. When it comes to effectively leading your team, we all have to first learn to lead ourselves. When the leader does know where he or she is going and why it is very difficult to know how we can get there.MADDOG Self-leadership workshops include tips on how to find or create your mission, vision and values, looks at different types of people based on our attitude to decision-making, expectations and motivation. The methodology is based on a book by Gretchen Rubin called Four Tendencies.

JCI MADDOG - training sessions and workshopsJCI MADDOG - training sessions and workshops